Wholesale Lot 10 Amber collars for pets/Baltic Amber Necklace for dogs and cats/ Natural Flea and Tick Control/Adjustable leather strap-sizes(15-45cm)

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Wholesale Lot 10 Amber collars for pets/Baltic Amber Necklace for dogs and cats/ Natural Flea and Tick Control/Adjustable leather strap-sizes(15-45cm)/

Wholesale 10 Baltic Amber collars for dogs and cats

Small price for 10 Collars - Adjustable leather strap-sizes

It is a natural protection from ticks and fleas. If prefer not to use chemicals for your pets, amber collar - a great alternative. This idea came from Germany, where scientists have proved the benefits of amber for animals. Amber collars are popular all over Europe, which is currently a strong focus on health and ecology.

How our collars are made? Between the amber there are no bounded knots, so the collars can not be torn by the dogs and cats with their nails. Amber in a collar are towards one another and among then, a wooden bead. Such a collar has more amber, so our collars are more expensive, but higher quality and durable.


Amber collars for dogs and cats - protection from the spring of activated ticks, fleas and other parasites that like to settle in our small four-legged fur. Amber - Natural stone with special characteristics: -Amber beads electrify the fur, so all parasites and pests, for example., fleas, can not stick to the fur, so it leaves the quadrupedal alone. Electrified fur becomes guards, preventing located there and other various parasites; -Amber - natural gum resin derivative. Amber resin emits a specific odor by contacting with the pet's fur, which repels ticks; -It not only protects against pests, but also a great decoration. Do not hesitate and try this new method to protect your beloved cats and dogs. Buy amber collar for dogs and cats from BabyAmberTeething. We use only 100% real, unpolished Baltic amber. Our Amber Collars are decorated with wooden beads, because it is water-proof, stain-proof and stink-proof. Amber wood collar is the best design for your pet to get. How to use: you have to put amber collar so that space between collar and neck would be 2 cm, but that it would not fall down when pet bends its neck. Your pet has to wear it all the time, because only then the collar will be effective. Care: every 7-14 days wash amber collar with lukewarm water and drain it with a piece of cloth. Once in a month leave amber collar outside in the sun for a while so that it would be more effective.

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