Where and how can I buy baby amber necklace?

Posted by BabyAmberTeething on 22nd Mar 2014

Baltic amber jewelry is sold all over the world. Everyone knows what it is a natural product. Baltic amber products are also called products from Mother Nature. Amber is Rosin from Baltic Sea formed many years ago.

Most jewelry is made of Baltic amber beads in Lithuania. The most of the manufacturers are the masters of producing amber jewelry. From old times producers know and follow amber traditional technologies.

Amber dealers can divide into several types:

1. The first type of amber manufacturers are sellers. They produce and sell by themselves. Usually they sell amber products at lower prices. What is more, buying directly from the manufacturer, you can subscribe to individual orders too.

2. The second type of amber producers is dealers - they buy from manufacturers and sell amber products.

Sellers is the best choice of amber manufacturers because they sell good quality amber jewelry and offer the best products for lowest prices. The prices of amber necklace are determined by amber size, shape and its processing.

Here are some examples:

1. If it is flat amber - the price will always be lower because it is most founded kind of beads – it is called chips and nuggets.

2. Round Amber beads are divided into two groups:

a ) Baroque - its round amber beads that are not well-rounded. Baroque beads are often traded by vendors who buy from the manufacturer because the prices are affordable and easy to reach for the dealers.

b ) Perfectly rounded , sometimes called ‘AAA grade round’ is the most expensive amber beads. That's because round amber bead are produced from bigger pieces of amber. To produce round amber beads amber is needed to grind as it is round. For this reason, the price is high.

When buying round beads it's important to pay attention to its size:

1) Small round beads are cheaper (at least 2mm-3mm-4mm-5mm the largest). Baby Beads strung from small round beads weighs about 4gr-5gr.

2) Larger round beads are more expensive. These beads are at least 3mm - 6mm size and weighs 6gr.-7gr.

3) Adult necklace is made of round amber beads and it is larger than baby amber necklace. This kind of amber jewelry is at least 3mm-6mm-8mm size (largest 9m) and weights about 9gr-10g.

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