What to eat during teething?

Posted by BabyAmberTeething on 15th Feb 2014

According to the dentist, food should not be special during teething period. It is worth to avoid sticky products, and, of course, to comply with lifelong oral hygiene rules.

A common mistake made by parents – after teeth cleaning baby is allowed to eat something. In fact, it is advised to give only some water, otherwise the evening teeth cleaning becomes meaningless. It is recommended to clear the first tooth already, and still to help a child to do this after some years. V. Brukienė emphasizes that only parents are responsible for dental health of their child until he or she reaches the age of seven or eight. And do not think that deciduous teeth do not require a careful care - they are supposedly still to be replaced by permanent teeth.

The doctor states that the mentioned belief is the greatest myth and lists the reasons, why deciduous teeth care is just important as permanent teeth care. So, first of all, decayed and untreated deciduous teeth do hurt. Not necessarily all the time - maybe only, when in contact with food, therefore, parents may feel that baby became irritable and does not eat without any reason.

Another reason – decayed deciduous teeth may transfer the infection to permanent teeth, which may damage not only teeth, but the health in general. It is particularly important that a child would understand the importance of deciduous teeth care - then he or she would be more responsible in permanent teeth care.

By the way, while talking about food, may it is worth not to take sweets during teething? Pediatric dentist replies that it is really not necessary – it would be unfair to deprive a child of one of the greatest pleasures of childhood. However, the amount of sugar should be limited, but if you give to baby some candies on a daily basis, better let him or her to eat all at once than one after breakfast, next in the afternoon, while the third in the evening. After eating candies, one needs to clean teeth or at least rinse with water.

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