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Unpolished amber

unpolished raw amber teehing necklacesAmber teething necklaces are widespread in the most of European countries and gradually gain popularity and the fans of amber in the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand and other World countries. Doesn't matter what you consider as the main purpose of amber teething necklace: beautifully looking jewellery, fashion, original gift – we do believe the finest quality standards should be adjusted and realized for our amber products. As an example Baby Amber teething, offers choosing raw amber necklaces.

Raw amber teething necklaces are made of raw amber, which is not polished and glazed. The beads are only washed, trimmed and rounded, and then the hole is drilled. Non-polished amber smells. You can smell them by rubbing one piece to another. Amber smell reminds the light scent of tree resin mixed with the aroma of the sea.

The raw teething  necklaces are made of two shapes of beads – rounds and ovals.
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