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Round beads amber teething necklaces

amber-teething-necklace.gifRound amber teething necklaces are made of special beads, which are absolutely round – the shape which is close to a perfect sphere. The round beads are different from baroque ones because their shape is made much more smooth and perfect. The production of round beads requires special efforts and more skills. Of course it also requires more amber of bigger pieces. But amber round beads necklace looks much nicer and are pleasant to touch and play with.

Of course the Baltic amber teething necklaces for baby made with round beads are more expensive than chips. From 20 kilograms of raw amber about 2 kilograms of round beads are made. The remaining part is used for the amber chips. It also depends on raw amber pieces size as big size pieces are extremely rare. That is one of the reasons why round beaded necklaces made of natural Baltic amber are rarer jewellery than plastic ones. Besides such necklace look vintage and cosily.

Round beads are produced manually with simple wood polishing tools. No chemicals are used during their production. Also the drilling requires more professionalism as the hole must be drilled exactly through the centre of a ball, otherwise the bead will rise above others in a necklace. Round beads necklaces sizes vary from 12 to 15 inches (from 30 to 37,5 cm). Round beads amber teething necklace are one of the most popular models in our UK online shop even though they are not the cheap ones. Special quality control measures are taken to guarantee the quality of rounded beads as they must be perfect to make a wonderful round natural Baltic amber beads necklace for classy baby from the UK. Besides, you certainly can buy round beads amber teething necklace online!

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