Quality of baby amber necklace

The quality of our necklaces, bracelets, anklets and other jewelry is our No.1 priority and concern. Recent 10 years of the production were really important to our family business, as we have developed the exclusive and unique quality control system. This quality production procedure allows us producing the top quality amber jewelry for great price.

The managers and owners of the company PERSONALLY check all the products and the production processes; therefore we can guaranty the 100% best quality of our baby amber necklaces. No chemicals are used during the procedure; therefore we have lifted our jewelry to another level. Now we produce ecological jewelry using only diligent hand work and natural materials.


Raw material: our jewelers select the proper raw material. We personally check the quality of each piece as we buy or collect the materials ourselves. Only 100% natural Baltic amber is used.

Cutting: we manually cut each piece. No automatic machines or robots are used. All the actions are done manually in order to provide the best quality amber. When amber pieces are cut, they are also polished using hand power only. We make sure that beads are cut and polished to make perfectly round beads.

Completely rounded beads: this is a unique feature of high-quality children’s amber necklace. The production of round beads requires more skills and more amber (bigger pieces), but round beads look much nicer, much more pleasant when touching the human skin, also they are more durable and massage body more gently.

Fact: "Baroque" necklaces are considered to be inferior, since their beads are only rounded, requiring less processing.

 Fact: Machine made necklaces with round beads are the most expensive in the market. If you have found cheap ones, please check if they are really made of amber.

Polishing: the pieces of amber are polished, i.e., processed in a natural way with natural materials (natural wood polishing tools). Chemical substances are not used as our production technology is ecological. Baby amber necklaces are worn by babies with sensitive skin or can be placed into little mouth, therefore any chemicals can cause allergy and can be harmful.

Holes in beads: the holes of amber beads are drilled manually - not by machine. Straight holes, drilled in the centre, are the signatures of the professional and experienced masters. Such beads for a necklace are more durable and stable. If the holes are crooked, a bead loses its balance and there is a higher possibility to break it.

Nodes: baby amber necklaces are string by nodes along each bead. Thus, in case of tightening a necklace, beads do not spill out, children cannot swallow them. The necklace can be easily repaired by knitting all the beads with own ropes. Quality string necklace can be determined by the gap between the nodes and beads. If the gap is as small as possible, the beads are neatly nestle, so necklaces is a quality one.

Catch: the connection of the necklace is simple and comfortable. It is made of quality plastic buckle (amber imitation with the same color as used beads) which twists securely. The material of buckle does not react with air and is resistant to heat, therefore it is hard as amber. We use the connecting buckles only from the most reliable manufacturers which guarantee the quality.