Linda: „Jewelry that can be used in two ways“

Posted by BabyAmberTeething on 22nd Mar 2014

Our customer Linda have shared an opinion about amber jewelry. We really appreciate everyone’s letter and thank for the warmth words. Linda would like to share her letter to others.

Linda`s letter

Hello, Baby Amber Teething team,

I am writing because I would like to share my opinion about your bracelets and anklets for babies from amber. Knowing that amber especially natural Baltic amber is really appreciate every century, time, year, minute I always have been buying amber production and I was sure that my kids will have amber production jewelry. That happened. I have been buying your product since 2005 and never have any complaint. For this reason, I decided to get a baby amber bracelett and anklet for my girl Whitney. I choose baby amber bracelets called “Lemon Raw”. First because I love that chips beads that this bracelet and anklet are made of. I know that raw amber bracelets and anklets are made from not polished and minimally finished amber. These baby ambert anklets (or bracelets) are for those who love super natural things and materials and like jewelry naturally provided for us by the Mother Nature. If I rubbed these anklets or bracelets I can smell Baltic sea. I was sure that my baby will like it! The next to make a decission was that this product can be use it two ways: it can be use as anklet or it can be used as bracelet. Me and my baby in the summer use it as an anklet and in the autumn, winter use it as a bracelet. The last thing was that these bracelets and anklets are made from natural amber beads, using any chemicals. It is natural and not dangerous for my girl.

That`s for now. And please, share this letter with others.

With love,


Thank you Linda again! Baby Amber Teething team wants to remember who buy amber necklaces for babies to make sure that manufacturers are selling high quality products. To know more about it read article: To Avoid Risk.