First toothpaste

Posted by BabyAmberTeething on 22nd Mar 2014

Up to three years there should be no fluorine in children’s toothpaste. It is believed that only from three years a child learns to rinse and spit out toothpaste, while the younger ones often swallow it.

Toothpaste for children from three year old contains a certain amount of fluorine, but still lower than for adults. Only children from six year old are recommended to use regular toothpaste.

Erupted and already crumbling

Deciduous teeth very start decaying as soon as they erupt. To prevent this it is necessary to take care of oral hygiene. For example, when the first tooth erupts, dentists do recommend dropping the night meals completely. Maybe it sounds cruel, but even a baby of 6 months should be given to drink only water, not milk or sweetened tea at night. A night for deciduous teeth is especially dangerous, because during sleeping less saliva, which cleans the teeth, is released. If baby sleeps open-mouthed, his or her mouth dries up even more. Under these conditions decay can quickly damage the teeth. From evening to morning feeding a child should sleep for about 10 hours with a clean mouth.