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Chips beads

babyamberteething..gifChips bead is the most popular shape for amber necklaces for babies. Chips amber teething necklaces are not as expensive as the beads are not so complicated to produce in comparison with Olive beads or Rounded beads. Also, the material waste is less, so more beads can be produced from the same piece.

The chips amber teething necklaces are original ones as you will not find two identical beads by shape in a single necklace. That means all the Baltic amber necklaces are unique like fingerprints. The beads cannot be spilled if the rope gets torn or cut because of special fastening technology when every chip is fastened with a tight knot. Rubbing beads to each other makes a nice sound, so they seem to be alive.

Despite the fact that production of chips is not so complicated technology, the quality is also double-checked by our quality control department. We sell only the highest quality necklaces.

Please check our collection of chips amber necklaces for babies below.

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