Chips beads

Chips women amber necklaces are the special necklaces which are designed exclusively for ladies. The necklaces are unique because of the shape of the beads. Chips beads are polished by hand to flat and smooth layers of amber, then drilled and knitted to the necklace. The few natural amber colours are used for chips men amber necklaces from dark cherry to yellow or even pearl white ones. Be careful selecting the color when it is a gift. You should know the person’s colour preferences and taste. The chips necklaces are cheap jewelry but quite original as all the beads are different size and shape.

Few different sizes of necklaces are available.

The quality is our main concern. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with our products; therefore we use strict quality control policy both in the production and delivery.

Please check some models of chips women amber necklaces below.

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