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Baltic amber, real or not, how to check?

Posted by Baby Amber Teething on 3rd Nov 2014

Real Baltic amber is very expensive, and jewelry made out of it is not cheap. Making the jewelry and its alteration with natural materials increases its price. If you purchase amber jewelry for a bigg … read more

Oval and round Baltic amber beads

Posted by BabyAmberTeething on 22nd Mar 2014

Oval shaped amber beads are very common among the dealers, the shape is not as good as oval but it is almost the same. Traders have the opportunity to buy it cheaped from manufacturers because it is … read more

Where and how can I buy baby amber necklace?

Posted by BabyAmberTeething on 22nd Mar 2014

Baltic amber jewelry is sold all over the world. Everyone knows what it is a natural product. Baltic amber products are also called products from Mother Nature. Amber is Rosin from Baltic Sea formed m … read more