Internetional amber exhibition Amber Trip

8th Jan 2015

Have you ever heard about exhibition, called “Amber Trip”? It is an international Baltic Jewelry Show, where participants and visitors gathers to Vilnius from all over the world: Lithuania, Turkey, Poland, Germany, India, Greece, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, etc.

“Amber Trip” is one of the biggest events, where Baltic Region jewelers and artists present their artwork, which are made of amber. This event has several purposes:

  • popularize amber pieces and jewelry from amber in all over the world;
  • attract more businessman, who would interest in amber, from Eastern and Western Europe;
  • unite amber jewelers into one large community;
  • teach visitors about amber, diamond, jewelry business situation in the different countries.

So, why Amber is so important and why you should be interested in it? First, Amber is one of the most beautiful and mysterious stones in the world and it is called a northern gold. Second, Lithuanian legends tells that tiny pieces of amber are Jurate tears of a lost love, in Far East amber is a symbol of courage, in Asia this sea stones are regarded as the „soul of a tiger“ and third, big part of jewelry are made of amber.

So, XII International Baltic Jewellery Show "Amber Trip" going to be on 18-21st of March. Do not miss the chance to see jewelry art pieces, made from amber because the view will be unforgettable.