Christmas is coming

Posted by Baby Amber Teething on 9th Nov 2014

Christmas is coming and we want to be prepared as well as we can, but what to buy? What presents should we give? Should we buy perfume, warm socks or maybe some home decor, details like color, modern or black & white wall murals? Those are the questions that always come to our minds before the holidays. So, to take care of the presents is very important because we all have a lot of loved ones. We believe that one of the best presents is amber jewelry. It is very beautiful and original gift, which will cheer everyone. However, there are a lot of amber jewelry to choose from, so, how to choose the right one?

If the present is for a baby, the most suitable jewelry for him would be an amber teething anklet. If you want to give this present for a boy, you should choose a darker color, such as, cherry or dark green. Also, it is very important to choose the right size.

If the present will be given for a girl, you should choose bright colors, for example, lemon, honey or butterscotch. But what should you buy for twins, a boy and a girl? If you want matching jewelry, multicolored amber teething bracelets will do just fine.

For children aged three and up the best gift would be an amber teething necklace. The color of the beads could be combined with clothes, eyes and hair color. If the child has darker hair, darker colored beads should be chosen and if the child has brighter hair than you should choose brighter colored beads. For girls, small and round beads looks more beautiful, and for boys, you should choose oval shaped beads because they are bigger.

Buy amber jewelry in a linen bag and you will not need to worry about the packing of the gift. You will simply place the jewelry in a bag and the gift is ready.

Also, you should not forget your beloved wife or husband. We can offer necklaces from natural Baltic amber. This jewelry are made by professional masters. Perfectly round, bright and dark colored amber beads will decorate your beloved woman neck. If you want surprise your husband, buy him a necklace made out of oval amber pieces. Make sure you choose the right color because darker colored amber is more suited for men.

If a present is needed for your mother, father, grandmother or grandfather unpolished amber will be the perfect choice. Choose only gentle, natural colors and choose the right length. For moms and grandmas you should buy longer amber necklaces, and for dads and grandpas the necklaces should be shorter.

Friendship bracelets are very popular among youngsters, it is the best gift for a friend. It is very trendy now to gift amber friendship bracelets.

So, we share a few tips. We hope that they will be useful and your Christmas will be magical.