Baltic Amber road in Lithuania (Second Part)

7th Jan 2015

If you already been in the Nida, travelled in Juodkrante and stopped to rest in Klaipeda, we offer you to continue Amber road journey in other Lithuanian cities. So, after eating your breakfast, we suggest preparing for a journey to Palanga. But first, do not forget to visit a beautiful Lithuanian seaside Karklė, where Amber hunters may find many different Amber pieces. In fact, here they can find the largest part of amber because waves constantly washes Amber pieces exactly in this shore. So, take a walk by the coast of Karklė and you will definitely see many amber hunters.

After visiting a Karklė, you will finally reach Palanga. Palanga is the most popular resort in Lithuania, where you can rest and spend holidays. This city is famous not only because of its shores, but also of its Amber Museum.
Amber Museum is found a long time ago in the mansion of Tiskeviciai. Here is a large park (about 100 ha), where you can go for a long and pleasant walk. So, what you may see in this Amber museum? First, you will find out, how amber was discovered. Also, you will see many exhibits: ancient and current amber jewelry or large amber pieces, found in the Baltic Sea coast. In this museum, you can also visit Amber workshops, where every tourist can see how amber jewelry is made. After visiting Amber Museum and buying some amber jewelry, we offer you to travel further, for example, to Šventoji. 

Šventoji is another popular seashore in Lithuania. So, what you may see in this beautiful town? In the dunes, you may see resorted pagan church. In ancient times, here people performed rituals, also, sacrificed amber dust. If you will go to the old town, you will see many different artworks, which was made from amber.
Baltic amber road after Šventoji leads us to Latvia. In beautiful town Ventspils, you may visit a castle of Livonia, where you may find archeological amber finds. Later, we offer you to go to Liepaja. Here, you can see longest amber necklace (123 meters), amber sand clock (the height is 4 meters). Here, you can complete your journey.

So, if you will eve visit Baltic countries, you should really try the journey by the road of Amber because on this journey you will learn many interesting things.