Baltic Amber Road in Lithuania (First part)

Posted by Baby Amber Teething on 8th Dec 2014

Famous „Baltic amber road“ is well known all over the world. It starts in the territory of Kaliningrad, ends in Latvia and goes along the Baltic sea. The road passes through Lithuania too and its length is 98 kilometers. We went on a journey by the Lithuanian „Baltic amber road“ and want to share our impression. Journey started from Nida because it borders with the territory of Kaliningrad.

Nida is a little, warm and cozy town, which attracts many tourists from around the world. From all tourists, germans love this town most because of its extraordinary nature, such as, golden dunes and pines. On one side of the town waves wash the shores, on the other there is Curonian lagoon.

In Nida, we recommend visit „Mizgiris“ Amber Gallery. It is a well-known museum, where people can learn everything about customs of people's way of life, which reflects in the jewelry. But most of all we enjoyed 2kg piece of Baltic amber, which was also in the exhibition. After the tour, we decided to walk in the town. In the old town, you can meet many people, who are dressed up with amber jewelry, for example, amber bracelets, necklaces, anklets. It is not surprising because in Nida are amber mines, where people can find tons of amber.

From Nida, we recommend travel to Juodkrante. Earlier it was a fishing town, which now is famous how a beautiful resort. Amber bay in Juodkrante is famous because here was discovered the largest collection of the antique amber ware, which are 400 years old. Particular there was found many amber sculptures of people and animals and these days those figures are very valuable.

In Juodkrante, you can meet many amber manufacturers and jewelers, who are very warm people. After visiting Juodkrante, we offer to travel further. Through Curonian lagoon in a ferryboat sail to Klaipeda.

Klaipeda is the biggest harbor in Lithuania. Here, comes many tourists, who visit the historical sites related to the Baltic amber. In Klaipeda, you can visit the museum of Minor Lithuania. Also, can walk through old town, where are you can find many different amber shops.

And, after the long day, you can stay at the hotel Amberton and continue the journey tomorrow.