Baltic amber, real or not, how to check?

Posted by Baby Amber Teething on 3rd Nov 2014

Real Baltic amber is very expensive, and jewelry made out of it is not cheap. Making the jewelry and its alteration with natural materials increases its price. If you purchase amber jewelry for a bigger price there is a higher chance that they are made from real amber, but you could be wrong.

We will provde several tips on how to check if Baltic amber is real 

Take the amber teething necklace and cut the thread and button. Gather all of the amber pieces, they should all be separated. Why do you need to separate the pieces? We will do the salty water test and you need only amber for this test. When you will have only the amber pieces, then you should pour salt in a cup full of water. Mix and wait until the salt dissolves. Then, put amber pieces in the cup and mix, the amber pieces should rise to the surface. If the amber pieces are not rising then, you should add more salt and mix again. If the amber is real they should float.or not.

If you want to try the smell test first you should know how pine resin smells when it is heated. If you choose to heat the amber it is best to choose a bigger piece, an oval piece will do best. Take the amber necklace, which is made for adult wear because these beads are made with bigger amber pieces. Cut off one oval form amber piece, the bigger the better. Holding it in a hand and light one side. Baltic amber will burn in a light fuming flame and will emit pine resin smell.

If you have an amber necklace and you do not want to dissolve it then you could try the hot needle test. But you must be aware that the hot needle will leave a mark on the amber. Heat up the needle and stab the amber piece, while thrusting the needle you might notice some cracks, this happens when amber is more frail. When amber is being burnt with the hot needle you should feel the smell of pine resin. Remember, thrusting plastic with a hot needle it will go right through.

If you have an amber necklace and you want to try the grinding test you will not be able to do it. For a grinding test you need raw amber and it would be best if you have two pieces. Then, powerfully grind them together and you should feel a pine resin smell. Amber necklaces are already made out of processed and polished amber, therefore, they are not suitable for this test.

We will now mention another amber identification test. Take an unpolished amber teeting anklet. And on the one raw amber bead apply a drop of ether or acetone. If the amber is real, it will have no effect on it, and if it is just plastic its surface will become vulnerable and sticky.

At first glance glass looks almost the same as amber, however if you examine it more you will see that glass is a lot tougher and it is impossible to scratch it with a metal object. When we touch it we fell that it is cold and inflammable. On the other hand amber is soft and fragile, we can easily scratch it with a metal object and when you touch it you can feel warmth.

So, several tips, how to check amber real or not, are described. If you not sure your amber necklace, or bracelet is real, you can always check by using it.