Baltic Amber Jewelry

Posted by Baby Amber Teething on 27th Oct 2014

Jewelry making is an inexhaustible topic because you can talk about many different things, such as materials, style, different shapes and sizes.

Moreover, there are different types of jewelers. Some of them are creating their own jewelry, some just fix them and the others are known like folk artists. They are gifted people, who have learned to produce jewelry by themselves.

Each master works with different materials: gold, silver, bronze, ceramics, amber, etc. Processing technology of each material is different. That is why masters usually choose one type of material for their work because learning all of the technologies would be too complicated.

Nowadays people are trying to use only organic products, so, amber jewelry is a really great choice. This material is also popular among jewelers. Many masters compose amber with silver. This kind of jewelry is well known all over the world. But most purchased amber jewelry are made from Baltic amber. Baltic amber color varies from white, yellow to brown, red, but most popular is honey.

At the moment best selling products are amber production for kids, for example,  amber teething necklace. It made from little amber beads, which are carefully selected by the masters.

It is important to mention that amber necklaces are made not for chewing. This production is produced to wear during the day, when the adults are near. The necklace must be removed before going to sleep. Sleeping child can wear only amber teething anklet. Therefore, most parents choose an amber set: amber necklace and bracelet. Best selling jewelry are made from round amber beads, less – from oval beads. Beads, called chips, are recommended for older children.

Amber necklaces and bracelets are also made for adults. Older people prefer jewelry made from large, dark color amber beads.

Amber is a wonderful gift for babies, who has just come to the world, and, of course, for adults, who love to dress-up and look classic.