Amber Hunters

Posted by Baby Amber Teething on 4th Dec 2014

Amber is an organic substance made from the resin of a tree, which has fossilized over millions of years and turned it into stone. This substance is usually found in the Europe's Baltic Coast because a lot of mines are situated there. You can also find it in Dominican Republic or Mexico. Amber is a very important substance for jewelry making. But, how jewelers get amber pieces? Do they go to find it by themselves? Or someone helps them?

Jewelers are buying amber from people, who collect amber from sea coastlines or buys it directly from the amber mines, which are made in coasts of the Baltic sea. Walking by the coast of the Baltic sea, you can find little pieces of amber, which waves constantly wash out ashore. Some people live from this business, but the price of amber is very low. For that reason, people need to get a big quantity of amber. How do you get large amounts of amber? You need to go deep into the sea. People, who are searching for amber pieces in the sea are called amber hunters.

Amber hunters with special mesh baskets and costumes are going into the sea and they try to find amber pieces. Experienced amber hunters already know the places, where you can find many pieces of amber. So, they are going to those places right away.

Another important detail is that if you want to find a lot of amber, you need to go into the sea after the storm, when waves are loosened the amber from the bottom of the sea and it stuck into the seaweed. For that reason, hunters in the sea are looking exactly for seaweed.

Daily earnings of amber hunters depend from, how many and what size amber pieces they find in the sea. For bigger pieces jewelers pays a lot more money because they can produce beautiful jewelry from it. For smaller pieces, they pay less because usually those pieces are intended for children jewelry, for example, amber teething necklaces.

Not only amber hunters are useful for jewelers. There are also amber mines, which during the day dig many tons of amber and can provide lots of substance for manufacturers.