Internetional amber exhibition Amber Trip

8th Jan 2015

Have you ever heard about exhibition, called “Amber Trip”? It is an international Baltic Jewelry Show, where participants and visitors gathers to Vilnius from all over the world: Lithuania, Turkey, Po … read more

Baltic Amber road in Lithuania (Second Part)

7th Jan 2015

If you already been in the Nida, travelled in Juodkrante and stopped to rest in Klaipeda, we offer you to continue Amber road journey in other Lithuanian cities. So, after eating your breakfast, we su … read more

Baltic Amber Road in Lithuania (First part)

Posted by Baby Amber Teething on 8th Dec 2014

Famous „Baltic amber road“ is well known all over the world. It starts in the territory of Kaliningrad, ends in Latvia and goes along the Baltic sea. The road passes through Lithuania too and its leng … read more

Amber Hunters

Posted by Baby Amber Teething on 4th Dec 2014

Amber is an organic substance made from the resin of a tree, which has fossilized over millions of years and turned it into stone. This substance is usually found in the Europe's Baltic Coast bec … read more