Benefits and flexibility

Why you should buy baby amber necklaces from us? Why we are different from other distributors and online shops? What are the benefits and advantages of our production? We would like to answer those questions frankly and sincerely.

The advantages.

All products, shown in photos, ARE MADE BY US as we are the producers as well as distributors. This is our main advantage with all the following benefits:

  • Custom size of the necklace. Even though we have a wide range of different sizes of necklaces, sometimes customer faces the special needs. Usually the size must be increased. We will be glad to create custom size necklaces in just 24 hours of your selected model. Please write us an email and we will arrange custom orders.
  • Free repair service. We do care about our customer and can provide the warranty of our quality necklaces. In case of damage of baby amber necklace, we provide a free repair service. Please contact us for details.
  • Select your colours. We have a wide range of amber beads colours from natural (lighter) to the dark ones. If you find a necklace of favourite design, but you prefer a different colour, please contact us and we will be happy to help you. We will create a necklace for you with your desired colours in just 24 hours form the ordering. Flexible approach is one of the biggest advantages of producers as other distributors cannot provide such service.
  • Beautiful linen bag. Usually necklaces are delivered in a common package of the postal service. We offer a special handmade gift bag for FREE. As you may have seen our necklaces photos, they are sent in a special sack made of national Lithuanian linen (100% linen). This bag is ideal for gifts or to store your amber necklace. Also it is an original gift.
  • Assortment. One of the biggest advantages is the assortment of amber necklaces. We offer over 400 models (without distribution, according to size) of necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Such wide range of Baltic amber jewelry allows every customer choosing the best option for every need.