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Baltic amber jewelry for adults

babyamber-teething.-adult-amber.gifLithuanian legend about Jurate and Kąstytis says that tiny pieces of amber are Jurates tears of a lost love. They pure and transparent, such as people love. So, these clear and beautiful little sea stones are appreciated for beauty and purity since ancient times. And, nowadays amber is still popular because of its features and symbolism: in Far East amber was a symbol of courage, in Asia amber was regarded as the „soul of a tiger“, in Lithuania considered as a lovers tears. So, if you want to have a unique Baltic amber jewelry, which means something, Baby Amber Teething online store offers to purchase Baltic amber jewelry for adults also anklets and bracelets, which will be made carefully and with love. We select the beads and check the quality of them in order to produce the finest quality Baltic amber jewelry for adults for the UK market. Great advantage is that all amber necklaces are handmade, without any chemicals, so you will get an organic product which will not cause any allergies. In our catalog, you will find more than 400 different models of jewelry, which will allow every customer to select something special and original.


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