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Amber teething necklace for mom and baby sets

Baby Amber Teething offers to buy amber necklace and bracelet sets because it is a wonderful gift for baby, who has just come into the world. Amber teething necklace and bracelet may be worn together or separately, it is your choice.
You can choose from round, oval and raw bracelet sets:
Round amber bracelet sets are handmade. Amber beads are polished and tightened with a strong rope. Our amber products are safe to wear even for babies, because each bead is isolated with a knot, so they are safe to use even for three years old babies, who usually put everything in to their mouths.
Oval amber teething necklace and bracelet sets are made of polished oval amber beads, which are tightened with a strong natural rope. No chemicals are used during the procedure, therefore, we have lifted our jewelry to another level. Now we produce ecological jewelry using only diligent hand work and natural materials.
The processing of raw amber necklaces and bracelets sets: raw amber pieces are polished and glazed. After that the beads are washed and trimmed. At the end of the process the hole is drilled and the beads are strung into a necklace or bracelet. Non-polished amber has exclusive smell, so if you want to feel the smell of the sea mixed with aroma of tree resin, you should rub amber pieces one to another

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