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Necklace/bracelet sets

necklace-brracelet-set.jpgAmber necklace and bracelet set is the unique present for baby because it includes both necklace and the bracelet which can be placed on the wrist or ankle, so making it an anklet. From the early day the child is encouraged to be stylish and choose harmonic accessories. All the Baltic amber necklaces and bracelets are made using the same beads.

The beads of bracelet and necklace are the same color and structure. Only the length of the rope is different. By the way, both lengths can be manually chosen as there is no universal size. Before purchasing the gift, please find out what are the thickness of the baby’s neck and wrist.

Amber necklaces and bracelets are made of polished round and oval beads as well as raw amber beads.

All the necklaces and anklets have passed our strict quality control as we are producers and distributors. We can guarantee the 100% quality and customer satisfaction with our hand made products.

Please check our collection of amber necklaces and bracelets below. We have something interesting to offer.

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