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Amber Necklaces

Beautiful yellowish gemstones laying on the beaches and not everyone recognises them from simple stones. More so not everyone understands the value and energetic benefit of them.

Amber - fossilised tree resin - has been appreciated for its beautiful colour, lightweight and naturalness since Ancient times. Jewelry made from amber is respected all over the world for its exclusive properties. For a long time, amber necklace had a high popularity and deep meaning for adults. But today it becomes more and more common jewelry even among young people.

Each piece of amber is unique at the hand of the nature. Every region has its own type of amber because of different tree saps, different conditions and times. That is why, these types are distinguished by the particular parts of the world. For example, blue amber called Copal can be found only in Dominican Republic; only eastern Turkey provides black amber; Burmese amber - the oldest 99 million year amber that commonly contains insect inclusions can be found in Myanman (Burma) etc.

Natural Baltic Amber is the type that can be found in Europe. It is totally natural amber - uneven in colour as well as in shape, and comes from the Baltic region. Usually, because of the high price and original imperfections (asymmetrical shape, uneven colour etc.), natural Baltic amber is used just for high quality fashion jewelry and art creations.

To make the amber necklaces or other jewelry easier to afford the pressed amber is used. It is the same real 100% amber without additives. It is hard to distinguish this type from Natural Baltic Amber. The even colour and uniform in shape can reveal the true. Small amber fragments and rejects are melted together under the high pressure to create uniform pieces - Baltic amber beads. They are still genuinely same Baltic amber stones just in the other shape. The special procedure helps to keep high quality of the gemstone but to hold down the price of the product.

It does not matter in what shape, size or colour the amber is, the jewelry made from Baltic amber beads have a strong energy! Every person from UK or other part of the world would feel positivity from the stone of the sun.

If you are attracted to the Baltic amber beauty and extra benefits, explore the variety of jewelry for adults. No more searching for trustworthy place where to buy the golden gemstone. You are already here! And this is the best time to get amber necklace in order to bring some yellow, orange and sunny brown tones to the life together with cheerful, wisdom, even magical energy.