"Honey amber" necklace

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7.00 Grams
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Honey amber necklace

Choose size :12 inches(30cm), 12.5 inches(32cm), 13 inches(33cm), 13.5 inches(34cm), 14 inches(35cm), 14.5 inches(36cm), 15 inches (37.5cm)
Product: Lovely amber teething necklace – Recommended for boys & girls
Beads: round
Colours: honey
Necklace weight - 7g (click to zoom).
Honey amber teething necklace is made using the special ecological handmade production line where no chemicals were used. We guarantee the 100% customer satisfaction, because we double check the quality of every necklace. The production of round beads requires special efforts, more amber and more skills. By the way, we are happy to inform you, that baby amber necklaces is shipped in a special gift sack, made from natural linen (100% Lithuanian linen), so it can be presented as gift without additional packing expenses. The shipment is fixed £3 fee worldwide to all countries including: United Kingdom and other EU countries as well as USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. by Lithuanian Post. 


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