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Oval beads

babyamberteething-uk.gifOval amber teething necklaces are made of special shape amber beads. Oval shape beads are made using the same technologies as round beads, only they are peeled and polished to the oblong rounded shape instead of perfect sphere. We call them ‘olive’, because it looks like a real olive without a core.

Another interesting issue is that the hole is drilled along the bead from both sides in order to keep it stable and do not split into two parts. This procedure requires many skills and professionalism of a jeweler. Also, it requires more raw amber material. 20 kilos of raw amber material means that we will be able to produce only 2 kilos of oval beads and 15 kilos of chips. The rest is so small that can be used only for various amber paintings and souvenir decorations.

We carefully select the beads and check the quality of them in order to produce the finest quality Baltic amber jewelry for the UK market. Please check the models of our oval amber necklaces, which are displayed below.

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