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Amber collars for your pets


You like going for a walk with your dog in the park or in the forest? Or maybe you often let your cat outside? Then, you should be concerned with your pet’s well being. Do you want to protect your pet from ticks and fleas? If you do not want to use any chemicals than amber collars are a perfect alternative. Amber collars will not only protect your pet from unwanted parasites but also can be an exceptional decoration.

The idea about amber collars for pets came from Germany where scientists proved that amber has a positive effect on animals. Today amber collars are very popular in Europe because a lot of attention is paid to health and ecology.

Amber is ecological and natural resin product. Amber constantly rubbing to your pet’s fur spreads specific smell of tar and resin which deters ticks from attacking. Amber also electrifies pet’s fur hair and does not let fleas attach themselves on them. It is not only a great defense against parasites, but also a great adornment to your pet.

Do not hesitate and try this new method to protect your beloved cats and dogs. They will surely be more content without any fleas and ticks. Also, remember that no chemical are used and that amber collars do not harm your pet’s health. We want your pets to be healthy and strong.


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