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Amber teething necklace

Baby amber teething

Our line of amber jewelry involves a lot of detail, careful craftsmanship and extensive material sorting to create and provide the absolute best product in the line of Baltic amber jewelry. Everyone who is familiar with Amber and its quality, knows that the best and most authentic product comes from the region near the Baltic Sea.

Here it’s pure, clean and very strong yet seems so fragile and delicate that everyone can wear it and look stylish, elegant and modern at the same time. These accessories come in all shapes and sizes so you can easily find unpolished amber jewelry for babies and for adults alike.

When it comes down to making a choice of accessories, you should take into account a few factors. How often are you going to wear it and what’s your budget? With amber jewelry it’s really easy to decide the first factor’s outcome because you can wear it with casual clothing when just going for a walk in the neighborhood or even if you’re going to a beach party. Budget is completely up to you and we have aligned and created our line of products in such a way that everyone would be able to afford and buy amber accessories for a price they feel confident in.

Baby amber teething has an extremely broad choice of products and goods in the amber jewelry department. We always listen to suggestions from customers and people who visit our page to better adapt the supply of products to the market. Plus, we are always one step ahead of the competition by constantly monitoring the market tendencies and fashion statements that are happening all around the world. This way we can provide a wider range of products and do it quicker and thus cheaper than any of our competitors.

Furthermore, not a lot of stores globally can offer the level of detail and authenticity on their products. With handmade jewelry it’s really hard to hit right in the bullseye from the first try, but you can trust us. By conducting extensive research and investing a lot of time into build quality we can ensure that none of our products feel the same and all raw amber jewelry is different and unique. For example any amber beads online can look good, but once you get it delivered it’s not so nice, but you can see High-res real life pictures right here on Baby Amber Teething.

Let’s get in touch and let us suggest a decorative accessory which would blend well with your clothes and wardrobe. Some of our products are designed to go well with certain seasonal clothing, for example summer or fall, but most of them are very versatile and you can fit them anywhere anytime. Choose a teething bracelet or any sort of teething jewelry if you want something a bit more detailed and slightly shocking. But only in a good way. It’s only shocking because of the beautiful way it looks and blends in addition to being very affordable. Just look at our prices, we are the most affordable brand which offers custom and unique jewelry.

So, whichever product you wish to have, whether it’s an amber teething necklace to go with your new style or an amber teething anklet to give a cool accent in the summer, we have you covered every step of the way. Amber is regarded as ‘Baltic gold’ and people from this region really appreciate the emotional and aesthetical value this stone brings. It can become a great companion in your daily life and we hope that you won’t leave your home without amber jewelry from Baby Amber Teething.

Amber - a wonderful piece of nature. Already in ancient times human tempts its beauty and mystery. Sing of folk songs, legends, antique poets and scientists made famous he became part of the cultural history of mankind. Conserved and saved in himself tens of millions of years old in the flora and fauna examples, Amber is not only the beauty of amateur jewelry, but also scientific observation object.

Many alternative medicine adherents especially appreciates amber jewelry. According to experts, the healing properties of amber surpasses all metals, even the most noble. Even in ancient times, amber was used in pharmacy, as an integral part of the various medications. By the way, unpolished amber beads as a therapeutic tool for developing thyroid disease is used to this day.

It must be remembered that amber jewelry is bohemian, but exclusive accessory suitable for all ages. It is adorn not only by women, but also children. Amber collar suitable for pets and protects them from ticks and fleas.
Good to know. For the treatment the most appropriate is natural unpolished amber. It is believed that significantly worked or processed amber loses many valuable properties.

Baby Amber Teething manufactured jewelry quality is our top priority. 10 years of experience in the manufacture of jewelery from amber, we have invented a unique system that allows to maintain the long lasting amber products (amber teething necklaces, amber anklets, amber bracelets). Becauce of this technology we sell the highest quality jewelry with a good price.

The production of jewelery we personally re-check before sending to you. Together we provide 100% of our jewelery quality. While making we do not use any chemicals or hazardous substances. We give you only handmade jewelry from all natural raw materials. We are personality responsible for its quality. 100% natural Baltic amber.

Try our Baby amber teething online shop! Or contact us with any questions about amber necklaces, bracelets, anklets or amber powder.


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