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Round amber beads

round-amber-babyamber-teething.gifAmber teething bracelets are made from polished rounded beads, which are tightened with a strong natural rope. Every bead is separated with a knot, so, they are safe to use even for 3 months old babies, who usually puts everything to their mouths.
Round beads are produced by peeling and polishing the piece of raw amber until it becomes like a sphere. Then the bead is drilled and washed. Only then it can be used for a bracelet. During the procedure no chemicals are used.
Round baby amber teething bracelets, likewise necklaces, require professionalism of a jeweler not only because it is hard to polish it and drill, but also it must be knitted into a necklace using only hand work. Then, the round beads amber bracelets and anklets are packed to a linen bag and sold after our quality control department checks it out.

Please check our collection of baby amber teething bracelets and anklets below.


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