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bracelets.friendship.jpgAmber has been started to be used in the Paleolithic Age. Chaste looking necklaces and bracelets had been passed from generation to generation as a great value in Balts families.  The Northern gold had traveled to Roman Empire, Near East, remote China and Japan, where amazing succinic acid features were admired by local doctors (ancient Greeks also knew amber – “sun stone”). For centuries a healing power has been assigned to amber. During ancient times amber, especially succinic acid, has already been used in pharmacology.

Now, when it is slowly, but surely being returned to eco-friendly organic, natural materials in cosmetology and medicine, the popularity of amber and its components in production of drugs, food additives, cosmetics, increases.
Have you ever thought about gifting friendship bracelet from amber ? This is important because amber from old times are believed to be best friendship keeper and its warmth on your skin always let you feel  a person that you appreciate warmth too.

In Baltic states amber bracelets was given to the sailors by their wives because sea returns  amber to the coast as she must return the man to the coast. Now amber friendship bracelet is given for the leaving person to return.

Friendship should last long so and friendship bracelet for this reason we work on highest quality technology:

  • Only 100% natural Baltic amber is used
  • Handmade
  • No chemicals were used
  • Completely rounded beads (this is a unique high-quality feature): they are better looking and more durable


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