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Amber teething necklace for mom and baby sets

baby-amber-teething.jpgDressing in the same way is most common trick for twins. We have enough baby amber necklaces which are almost identical for the children. Sometimes people try dressing up their kids like themselves; therefore different sizes of amber necklaces are needed.

We are glad to present the mums’n’bubs amber necklaces sets where we have placed one smaller necklace and one longer one. It is recommended to measure the neck of mother anyway. Average size is 40-50 centimeters for adult woman.

Also those necklaces can be used by father and son. This combination could even get more attention from other people thus making this set an original and interesting gift, which can be used daily, not during the festivities or photo sessions.

The necklaces can be made of three different shapes of beads – chips, rounds and ovals. We also offer: amber teething necklaces for babies to buy online in UK.

Please find out what the models are below.


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