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Amber Powder

6a00d8341cd2ac53ef014e88ac4db8970d-400wi.jpgThis amber powder - this is a special patented way to crush yellowish 100 %. Selected Baltic amber powder - succinic acid and succinic oil concentrate. Amber powder used in cosmetics for centuries.

Amber powder has antimicrobial, antioxidant, moisturizing, and protecting skin smoothing properties. It enriches the cells with oxygen, smoothes fine wrinkles, slows down the skin aging process, tones and normalizes energy processes in the cells, strengthens the capillaries, refreshes skin color. 

Neutralizes germs and viruses, removes swelling, pigmentation spots, vascular calcification, scaring, acne and herpes, burns, tightens skin pores, stabilizes the pH, removes impurities and improves the uptake of other substances.

Pulverized it becomes a free electrons and sorbents source. Because amber is of plant origin, it has chemical compositions similar to the chemical compositions of living organisms. And most importantly, that it is not full of heavy metal salts. However, it is important to use only clean amber powder without harmful impurities, otherwise you can hurt yourself. 

However, do not destroy your luxurious amber necklace (the less processed amber, the more it has positive qualities, in addition to more useful features to precisely small pieces). Better buy it or take a walk along the seashore, make a family competition, which gathers more amber, then grind with grinder and prepare this unique product to yourself. 

People can use amber powder in different ways - depending on the needs of each skin.  

Amber powder has long been the use of face masks by mixing them with water or oils.


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