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Amber teething necklace

Baby amber teething

Amber - a wonderful piece of nature. Already in ancient times human tempts its beauty and mystery. Sing of folk songs, legends, antique poets and scientists made famous he became part of the cultural history of mankind. Conserved and saved in himself tens of millions of years old in the flora and fauna examples, Amber is not only the beauty of amateur jewelry, but also scientific observation object.

Many alternative medicine adherents especially appreciates amber jewelry. According to experts, the healing properties of amber surpasses all metals, even the most noble. Even in ancient times, amber was used in pharmacy, as an integral part of the various medications. By the way, unpolished amber beads as a therapeutic tool for developing thyroid disease is used to this day.

It must be remembered that amber jewelry is bohemian, but exclusive accessory suitable for all ages. It is adorn not only by women, but also children. Amber collar suitable for pets and protects them from ticks and fleas.
Good to know. For the treatment the most appropriate is natural unpolished amber. It is believed that significantly worked or processed amber loses many valuable properties.

Baby Amber Teething manufactured jewelry quality is our top priority. 10 years of experience in the manufacture of jewelery from amber, we have invented a unique system that allows to maintain the long lasting amber products (amber teething necklaces, amber anklets, amber bracelets). Becauce of this technology we sell the highest quality jewelry with a good price.

The production of jewelery we personally re-check before sending to you. Together we provide 100% of our jewelery quality. While making we do not use any chemicals or hazardous substances. We give you only handmade jewelry from all natural raw materials. We are personality responsible for its quality. 100% natural Baltic amber.

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